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Boost your innovative power with target Campaign Management.

Our campaign management tool for your successful innovation campaign

Digitization is accelerating the pace of innovation in all sectors: If you want to future-proof your business, you have to continuously develop and improve products and processes. target Campaign Management Cloud supports your company in the planned generation and selection of ideas on a given topic and boosts your innovative power.


Campaign management

Internal and public cloud, Java, OpenUI5, Fiori
SAP Certified

SAP ERP HCM and OM, SAP SuccessFactors
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Tap into the benefits of crowdsourcing with target Campaign Management

We at target are convinced: Encouraging as many people as possible to take part produces the best ideas. With target Campaign Management, many different participants - whether internal and external - can get involved in an idea campaign and network across time and spatial boundaries.

Select the best ideas in the team

Innovation teams of experts and jurors then use the software to filter out the most promising ideas in a fair and transparent process.

Important: Management support

Each idea campaign is sponsored by a member of the management team, underlining the importance of the topic from the management's point of view. 

Icon A structured and well-planned approach

A structured and well-planned approach

With target Campaign Management, every idea campaign can be divided into individual phases, from planning to completion. A well-thought-out approach to role allocation ensures a clear division of tasks between innovation and campaign managers, experts, jurors and other participants. This guarantees a structured approach.

Icon Freedom to generate ideas, without restrictions

Freedom to generate ideas, without restrictions

The structure and design of our innovation management software ensure that creativity can flow freely. The attractive and intuitive user interfaces make it easy for participants to post and comment, develop ideas, like and vote.

Icon Connecting the right participants

Connecting the right participants

Internal and external participants can be easily connected via target Campaign Management. Integration with organizational management makes it possible to select all employees or only those from a single organizational unit.

Icon Identify the best ideas

Identify the best ideas

Which ideas have the most potential? In a multi-stage process, experts and jurors can filter out, discuss, evaluate and identify the most promising ideas.

Icon Motivate participants

Motivate participants

The sponsor of a campaign, usually a member of the management team, can give feedback on the ongoing process at any time. This is a great way to motivate those participants to get involved who are yet to submit an idea.

Icon Stay flexible

Stay flexible

For each of your innovation campaigns you have the complete freedom to decide the designations, evaluation criteria, roles and authorizations. The parameters are easy to configure to meet your own specific needs and can be selected individually for each campaign.

Icon Great user experience

Great user experience

The apps are based on the SAP Fiori design concept, which means they are easy to use and are compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile devices. The landing page for each campaign is customizable - you can adapt it to match your own design concepts.

Icon Linking innovation management and idea management

Linking innovation management and idea management

Our innovation management software, target Campaign Management, and our solution for your idea management, target Idea Management, fit together and complement each other perfectly.

Your advantages

Crowdsourcing with campaign management tool

Sophisticated: Best possible structure for successful innovations

With a clear phase concept and a sophisticated role concept for a well-structured and targeted approach, target Campaign Management sets itself apart from other collaboration platforms on the market. In addition to employees, customers or partners can also be involved in the innovation process via crowdsourcing. The creative processes are free and unregulated - the best recipe for successful idea campaigns. 

Userfriendly software for campaign management mit crowdsourcing functionality

Attractive: Easy to use and customizable individual elements

The technical implementation of target Campaign Management is child’s play and familiar territory for SAP users. The innovation management software offers numerous flexible possibilities to create idea campaigns according to individual needs. The attractive design, based on SAP Fiori and specially created for each campaign landing page, is guaranteed to attract plenty of attention. Intuitive user interfaces ensure a high level of participation.

Campaign management software integrated with SAP date from ERP HCM and SuccessFactors

Unique: Innovation management with SAP data and technology

target Campaign Management is the only software in the world that maps innovation management using SAP data and technology directly. The software can access both HRs and organizational management data. All target apps have been developed according to the SAP design concept Fiori and can be integrated into the SAP launchpad. Innovation management is therefore no longer an isolated solution, but part of the overall strategy.


In our screenshot gallery, you can get a general impression
of the look & feel of the application.

The campaign list displays all published campaigns in which the active user is involved, whether as a participant, innovation or campaign manager, expert, juror or administrator.

The campaign landing page, which is fully customizable, introduces the theme of the campaign and is the starting point for all other campaign-related activities.

Users can create an idea, review and comment on existing ideas, and read news items.

The icons and functions for the evaluation rounds are only available to authorized users (primarily campaign managers, experts and jurors).

The Ideas Overview provides a quick summary of the ideas already submitted for the campaign. Users can easily comment on, like and rate ideas, and even save their favorites.

There are a variety of options available for searching, filtering and sorting the ideas.

Users can expand or collapse the comments. An unlimited number of comments can be added to an idea, and it is also possible to comment on comments.

The campaign manager or a sponsor can inform other users about the current status of the campaigns or give feedback via the News feature.

Experts and jurors can filter out the most promising ideas in a multi-stage process. The evaluation options are customizable.

This feature is not available to regular campaign participants.

Innovation and campaign managers plan their campaigns in a variety of ways. In addition to textual and visual elements, it is also possible to configure the evaluation criteria, for example.

Innovators can be defined in a variety of ways, e.g. on the basis of organizational assignment.

Authorized users can create news items. News items can also be shared via e-mail. You can select the recipients of these e-mails using a set of rules. For example, you can send an e-mail to all participants who have not yet submitted an idea for the campaign.

In a campaign scheme, administrators define basic properties such as text types, descriptions, and authorizations for each campaign that is assigned to this scheme.

This guarantees a high degree of flexibility and means that campaigns can be structured in many different ways.

Do you have any questions or want to try out the software for yourself?

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