Is your idea management as good as your ideas?



MEE SAP Cloud Platform App Contest 2017

„target Campaign Management“ reached 3rd place in MEE SAP Cloud Platform App Contest 2017



Certification Success for target Campaign Management



Achim Noe Became Managing Director of the target software solution GmbH

Achim Noe named Managing Director on July 1, 2017, and will continue expansion of the consulting business.


New “target Campaign Management” Solution Available

Our new software development “target Campaign Management” allows you to generate, refine, and recognize innovative ideas for a campaign topic and then filter out the best and most promising ideas and make downstream processes available. Idea campaigns can be developed that target a selection of employees and/or external participants for idea generation and collaboration. Participants can join an open idea exchange forum (crowdsourcing). In the multistep selection process that follows, only the best and most promising ideas are selected by experts. Companies can use target Campaign Management to build a new culture of innovation.

The new, modern interface is based on SAPUI5 and follow SAP Fiori user interface design principles from SAP. The applications operate on all types of devices, from smartphone and tablet to desktop PC.

The solution can run on an internal Web server (for on premise) as well as SAP Cloud Platform.



Submitting Ideas by Mobile Device – Easy with SAP Fiori Apps for target Idea Management

K+S implements mobile idea entry – new apps provide a practical solution with
increased flexibility



Wincor Nixdorf International GmbH implements target Idea Management

Key Figures in Idea Management

At present, the company reports a rate of 0.4 ideas per employee annually and a realization rate of approximately 75%. This results in a net return of approximately €3,000 per idea rewarded. That corresponds to a net use of €900 per employee per year.

The relationship of net use to premiums is 9:1.

Reasons for Implementing target Idea Management

The existing software solution was outdated and out of maintenance.

It was necessary to choose a software that was able to support the existing processes as well as have deep integration with the existing system running SAP ERP Human Capital Management software.
The integration of target software in the existing employee self-service portal and use of a familiar user interface were further aspects supporting the decision to go with target.

Go-Live of target Idea Management

In March 2014, the new idea management went online at Wincor Nixdorf.
All existing roles in the idea management process as well as the basic process flow were now mapped together in one online workflow. This included the two established process models at Wincor Nixdorf, the supervisor model, and centralized idea management in one tool functioning as one system.

The submitter, reviewer, person responsible for realization, team lead, employee’s manager (supervisor), and idea management committee with employee representation roles are now completely integrated into the process.

Valuation, Results, Summary

The implementation of a new solution that went deep into the process level and had to cover a number of areas and perspectives always takes consummate effort. Thanks to the excellent cooperation with target and the early involvement of all relevant areas (reporting, HR, IT) at Wincor Nixdorf, the project came to a successful conclusion.

"The implementation of the target solution resulted in a noticeable reduction of processing times. Mapping the entire workflow electronically and the easy-to-use interface were the keys to success.”

Quote: Wilfried Peters, Head of  Global Idea Management.



Siemens Continues to Succeed with target Idea Management

Key Figures in Idea Management

The economic significance of the 3i program is obvious in the key figures. Siemens AG in Germany, with approximately 115,000 employees, realizes around 95,000 ideas annually. With their approximately 30,000 employees in 15 locations, the Digital Factory (DF) and Process Industries and Drives (PD) divisions using target software process 67% of realized ideas at Siemens AG.

Requirements for Idea Management Software

From the enormous volume of data (currently 1.3 million ideas in the online database) in the DF and PD divisions, it is clear that a seamless software process is critical. Not only was a functionally sophisticated software required to support the basic processes and all the steps involved, but also a software that can be relied on for its stability and performance. Particularly in light of the large volume of data and the great degree of use, it was essential for users to embrace a software that could scale to the requirements and response times. The average response times for all roles is less than one second per transaction.

Thanks to the direct connection to the SAP system through target software, the HR system can handle organizational and personnel changes quickly. target software is uniquely embedded in the SAP software as an add-on and therefore does not require an interface; it works directly with SAP data without any unnecessary interfaces or data redundancy.
Over the years, target software has been proven to manage all the necessary tasks for idea management.

Current Use of target Idea Management and Valuation

Siemens divisions DF and PD have been using a completely redesigned version of target Idea Management since fiscal year 2014/15. The new system offers users an attractive and user-friendly interface for entering information as well as the ability to follow a 3i idea through all of the roles involved in the 3i process. The new version is based on the SAP technology Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A). Users have been positively pleased with the new system, particularly with way the information is displayed and the clear and intuitive navigation through the entry screens. Users can see their open tasks on the initial screen and can jump directly to idea processing to complete the task with just one click.

It is reassuring to know that we have reliable software for idea management that meets our requirements.”

Quote Jörg Kopf, 3i Business Manager for DF and PD Divisions, Siemens AG



Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) at K+S AG

K+S AG with headquarters in Kassel, Germany, is an international raw materials and mining company with more than 14,000 employees worldwide.

K+S put its trust in the standard solution target Idea Management. The idea management/continuous improvement process at K+S has been recognized numerous times for its excellence. In 2012, the company received the award for “Best Idea Management in Germany” from the German Institute for Idea and Innovation Management.

The company wanted as many employees as possible to be included in the CIP process. The company set up each CIP area according to locational and functional criteria for groups of approximately 60–80 employees each, for which the CIP team based concrete tasks such as topic workshops and process optimization. A software solution was needed to support the entire CIP process in the best way possible.
“The software offers us an attractive platform integrated with SAP software for our improvement process. We have an outstanding tool for analysis that helps us target measures in the continuous improvement process. target has repeatedly proven itself to be a dependable partner that listens to customer needs and includes them in its further development. CIP is an important element in our ability to compete,” says Markus Bock, Head of Knowledge and Idea Management at K+S.



SAP Fiori Apps for target Idea Management

With the 7.1 release of target Idea Management software at the end of September 2015, target software solution GmbH has delivered a series of apps based on SAP Fiori user experience (UX) development guidelines and SAP’s OpenUI5 library for Web applications.

The apps provide users with a modern design, intuitive interface, and are accessible on all types of devices (desktops, tablets, or smartphones). The apps are highly responsive, as they adapt to the layout of the device in use.

Through the SAP Fiori launchpad, users can access the apps applicable to their roles, with the same authorizations and in the same look and feel as SAP Fiori apps.

Customers can configure the apps flexibly to meet the individual requirements of their idea management process.

The apps can be deployed on the SAP NetWeaver platform, a Web server, or on SAP HANA Cloud Platform. The latter provides a platform as a service, which enables target software solution partners to offer their solutions in the cloud as software as a service.

In addition, the target Idea Management apps allow for a hybrid delivery model, with the user interface located in the cloud and the database located in the SAP system at the customer site.

In short, the new software release offers a variety of usability options in the latest technology environment from SAP.


New Service Pack target Idea Management SVP 7.0

The service pack is named Release 6.00, Service Pack 7.0. and is now available.

We recommend all customers with this SAP component version to implement the new service pack. 

Contact persons for the software service can download the files from (Login and password required).

All changes are as always described in a readme file. 

We wish you great success with the new target Idea Management.



Innovation Management at Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS)

Why DDPS chose target Idea Management?

Based on the outdated technology and the high maintenance costs, the Swiss Federal Department of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport (DDPS) replaced its legacy IT tool ideaNet with the more modern target Idea Management system. After a World Trade Organization (WTO) call for proposals, the contract was awarded at the end of March 2014 to SAP partner company target software solution. Now, DDPS has a state-of-the-art innovation management tool that meets its technical and functional requirements.

The decisive factors leading to DDPS decision to implement the target solution:

  • Integration in SAP software environment (without requiring additional sign-on) 
  • Familiar employee portal design
  • Multilingual system that was easy to use and navigate
  • Comprehensive processes could be automated and customized to meet the company’s specific needs – and changed during operation
  • Role-based authorization concept based on the existing DDPS model

There were a number of other aspects on the functional side in favor of the target solution. For example, several expert reviews can be requested at the same time with resulting reviews easily compared; a supervisor model; quantitative valuation options (costs vs use) according to DDPS regulations for anonymous idea submission; as well as coverage of functions for the employee suggestion program (ESP) and continuous improvement process (CIP).



Award For Especially Creative Solutions in Audi Ideas Program (AIP)

The idea management workflow at Audi is based on a decentralized management model. Idea coordinators do not know about all ideas that are submitted. Audi wanted the ability to identify especially creative ideas online and without much effort and reward those submitters. In this way, the company could also build up a pool of exemplary ideas to further encourage employees to come up with more ideas.
For the AIP Award, realized ideas were first assigned to one of three categories: Environmental Protection/Sustainability; Work Safety/Occupational Health; or Communication/Media. 

Each employee could vote for one idea per category from the five on each short list. In six weeks, more than 2,000 employees did so. The voting took place anonymously; personal data was only temporarily stored for participation in prize drawings.
“With these enhancements from target Idea Management, we were able to map the AIP Award process without major effort. The award injected new energy into our ideas program by highlighting particularly innovative ideas and submitters. In the second round, we will let those employee managers, reviewers, and coordinators who are especially engaged in the ideas program to propose ideas,” states Dieter Poeppel, Audi Ideas Agency Neckarsulm.



SAP Renews target Certification

target Software Solution Certified by SAP as an ABAP Add-On for SAP
target Idea Management has been certified many times by SAP. Every three years, SAP requires renewed certification based on changes in requirements.
The recertification was granted in January 2014 without reservation. As a result, target Idea Management can continue to use the "SAP Certified Powered by SAP NetWeaver” certification logo.
As part of the certification, SAP validated the following:

 - Installation in an SAP ERP system landscape
 - Use of SAP interfaces and objects
 - Solution performance and scalability
 - Installation and functional documentation
 - Testing of major functions
-  Availability of product support, training, and consulting Services



B. Braun Melsungen AG Manages HTGF Innovation Projects with target Software

B. Braun Melsungen AG was founded 175 years ago in a pharmacy in the centre of Melsungen. The headquarters of the pharmaceutical and medical supply company remain here today, although the company continues to grow substantially beyond its roots. Today, B. Braun has a presence in 60 countries and 46,500 employees worldwide, with approximately 12,000 in Germany (2012). The company generated sales around five billion euro in 2012.

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) invests venture capital in young technology companies with potential that convert promising research results into business opportunities. Investors in the public-private partnership include the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology, the KfW Group, as well as 18 commercial enterprises, including B. Braun. They analyse the innovation projects (proposals) offered by the HTGF, looking for software to build and support valuation and decision processes.

B. Braun is using target Idea Management software to manage the HTGF proposals. The company had already been using target software since 2009 for idea management. In 2013, a completely new configuration based on this software was set up for HTGF innovation management.

“target software helps us support our decision process online and without much effort. The SAP software-based platform allows us to integrate all necessary experts and guarantees the required security and robustness.” – Dr. Alexander Schachtrupp, Chief Medical Officer, B. Braun Corporate



New Service Pack 5.1. Available

Enhancements and new features for target idea management software

In November 2013, target announced the availability of significant enhancements and new features to its standard target Idea Management software in service pack 5.1 (SVP 5.1). Once again, target proves its accelerated development tempo. Optional updates are available two to three times a year, with the major 5.0 release being available this year in May 2013.

Customers can download the complete read-me documentation of all enhancements from the service area of the online site.

target organizes regular surveys with existing customers to actively influence the further development of software as the results of SVP 5.1 prove.

“I feel extremely valued as a target customer because I can help improve the software.” – Herr Markus Bock, K+S AG



"Category A" for target Idea Management at Volkswagen Slovakia

With 9,400 employees, Volkswagen Slovakia is one of the largest companies in the Slovak Republic and one of the country's most important exporters. Automobiles, chassis, engines, and components are manufactured in VW plants in Bratislava and Martin. The Bratislava factory produces VW Touareg and VW up!, Audi Q7, SEAT Mii, and SKODA Cititgo automobiles, as well as chassis for the Porsche Cayenne.

In 2010, Volkswagen Slovakia made a decision to implement an employee-centered idea management system using the target software solution. After a brief implementation project, the software was rolled out for use by idea managers. On January 1, 2013, enhancements to the idea management software enabled everyone involved to access it online.

At the end of the implementation project, Volkswagen Slovakia carried out an official review and quality measurement of their software provider. Various criteria was evaluated, including quality, meeting deadlines, and costs. Overall, target received the highest possible measurement in "Category A", as a provider with the best quality in terms of results and processes.



target Idea Management at Fraport AG - Submitting Ideas Remotely Using SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe

With approximately 22,700 employees globally and 20,800 thereof in Germany, Fraport AG is one of the leading airport Management companies in the business. It manages Frankfurt International Airport, one of the most important air transportation hubs in the world, generating revenue of €2.37 Billion in 2011.

For several years, Fraport employees have been able to submit ideas through their corporate intranet built on SAP NetWeaver Portal. Employees from related holding companies and subsidiaries however, did not have access to this portal. The challenge was to provide these employees with the ability to generate ideas and submit them from home. A different process was required for idea submission.

Fraport decided to implement SAP Interactive Forms Software by Adobe in target Idea Management. All employees, including those from related holding companies and subsidiaries, can now access an Adobe interactive form in the Fraport portal which  they can use to submit their ideas over the  Internet. Submitters are  identified through characteristics (such as name, personnel  number, e-mail address) specified during idea creative. Actual situation, objective, and solution are entered in text blocks. Any number of digital attachments can be added to the form. A draft can be saved at any time in the process. When a submitter is ready, he or she hits the "Send" button. The form is then sent to the idea manager responsible, who can then upload the form directly into the target idea database without any additional manual step required.

"With this solution, we can not only accept ideas from employees of our holding companies or subsidiaries, but we also see our own employees using the process to submit ideas from home," says Mario A. Bach, head of corporate idea management at Fraport.



target Idea Management Symposium 2012 in Mannheim

We cordially invite you to our Idea Management Symposium!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012, 3:00 - 6:00 p.m.
- Get to know or deepen your knowledge of our software's various function areas
- Ask your questions: target-experts offer practical suggestions
- Creative solutions and their implementation

At 7:00 p.m. Evening Get-Together at GREEN GARDEN
(Luisenpark Mannheim, Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 3)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
- Field report from BASF, Fraport, and K+S
- New developments in service pack 5.0
- Parallel workshops to different subjects regarding software use

Dorint Kongresshotel Mannheim
Friedrichsring 6
68161 Mannheim

>> Program Flyer and Registration (German)



target Idea Management Implemented at BorgWarner Turbo Systems in Kirchheimbolanden

BorgWarner Turbo Systems GmbH is one of the most important automotive suppliers in the world. The company employs a total of 5,100 people at 14 sites in 12 countries. Approximately 2,000 employees work at the BorgWarner Turbo Systems headquarters in Kirchheimbolanden in southwestern Germany. The employees at Kirchheimbolanden generate annually a calculated use of approximately €300,000 from their own ideas.

BorgWarner Turbo Systems has been using the target Idea Management solution since July 7, 2011, with submitters, employee managers, reviewers, coordinators, idea managers, and decision makers.

The decision to implement target Idea Management has been positively received by everyone at the company. The new software not only simplified the submission process, but also improved the idea repository and provided better options for documentation. The new excalation principle (automated reminders in four simple steps) and the assignment of an employee's manager from the organization management system result in a faster valuation process. Time saving and easy handling are always among the positive responses to the new software.



Successful Certification of target Software for Key Figures

The Center for Idea Management (Zentrum Ideenmanagement, or ZI) within the German Institute for Idea and Innovation Management (Deutsches Institut für Ideen- und Innovationsmanagement) created a catalog of the 21 most important key figures relating to idea management. The catalog was the result of a study by two ZI expert groups: "Benchmarking" and "Technology & Software". Starting at the beginning and for a period of several months, target software contributed to the analysis, discussion, and final definition of these key figures. Consequently, all key figures have been implemented in the target software. With the new service pack 4.0 rolled out in February 2012, customers can use all key figures and automatically transfer them to a benchmarking portal as well.

Dr. Georg Fischer, managing director of target, summarized the benefits for customers as follows:
"Finally, we have a sound basis for benchmarking idea management. A catalog of 21 clearly defined key figures for idea management was created from the know-how and experience of ZI and the companies represented in the ZI expert groups. Using these key figures, every company can now evaluate its position and potential within an improvement process. Splitting key figures into employee suggestion program (ESP) and continuous improvement process (CIP) allows a realistic comparison of different companies. Differentiating processing times by "processing time until decision" and "processing time (until completion)" increases the significance of processing times considerably.
Each certified software provider ensures accurate calculation of the key figures. Customers of these software providers are able to automatically transfer the key figures to a benchmarking portal with  minimal effort. We expect that customers will use this type of benchmarking internally for comparing departments to increase transparency and "competition" across their own company."



target Idea Management Symposium 2011 in Mannheim

The target Idea Management Symposium 2011 was held in Mannheim on October 25, 2011. We welcomed more than 80 participants to this symposium, with 50 attending the informal get-together the evening before.

In a live presentation, new functions of  graphical key figure reporting and Web 2.0 in idea management were  demonstrated by target developers.

Overall, program execution, topics, and speakers were evaluated very positively by all attendees of the symposium. We received an average rating of 1.63 (on a scale of 1-5, with 1 the highest). The evening get-together received an average rating of 1.55.



CIP Mapping with target Idea Management at BLANCO

On January 1, 2011 the upgrade to the latest version of target software went live at BLANCO. At that time, the target solution to map the continuous improvement process (CIP) released in fall 2010 was also implemented.

Users were pleased with the new version and welcomed its user-friendliness. The entire Web-based process flow is mapped, including submitters, employee managers, persons responsible, reviewers, and idea managers. In this way, the entire documented process is transparent and can be accessed and evaluated at any time. Escalation processes have been defined to meet and monitor deadlines for completing tasks.

Ideas within one's own work area are part of CIP. The idea manager at BLANCO set up 80 different CIP teams and their members for their German locations in the system. The CIP teams record their meetings and the discussed measures and ideas directly in the target software, in tables similar to those used in Microsoft Excel. Importantly, you then have quick and easy entry in only a few data fields. Everyone can immediately see who is responsible for implementation and the time frame. A graphic icon shows the status of process in 25% increments. Summaries are printed on A3 format and displayed in the supervisor areas.

BLANCO plans to implement as further function the connection to payroll accounting in SAP, that is also available in target Idea Management, in order to relieve personnel accounting from premium award payments.



Ideas Creating Impulses - Idea Management at Munich City Utilities (SWM.ISI)

Stadtwerke München (SWM) is the German name behind Munich City Utilities, one of the largest energy and puplic services companies in Germany. SWM employees more than 7,200 people and is therefore one of the principal employers in the Bavarian capital.

With its "Ideas Creating Impulses" (SWM. ISI) program, SWM is making idea management an important instrument to foster employee innovation.

Management plays a key role in SWM.ISI. On the one hand, managers function as consultants and coaches for employees for generating ideas, and on the other, they are the first contacts to valuate those ideas.

In addition to the manager role, the role of person responsible was also implemented. This additional role allows people in the other areas to be responsible for valuating ideas. Managers still retain an overview of status and valuation of proposals by their employees.

The implementation of target Idea Management software allows these requirements to be mapped in workflows. target Idea Management proved to be a valuable instrument to establish a new era of idea management at the company built on a well-engineered technical foundation.

Robert Maier, idea manager at SWM, sums up the result as follows: "With the simple user interface for submitters and the ability to process ideas submissions using workflows, it's now substantially easier and more convenient to process ideas as in the past".



target introduces Significant Enhancements to the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

target software solution has mapped the continuous improvement process comprehensively in its new service pack 3.0.

In addition to “spontaneous idea submission,” target’s concept for the systematic structuring of an idea management system includes the fundamental aspect of “guided idea generation.” target has substantially enhanced options for “guided idea generation” in its new service pack 3.0.



App: IDEAS Connects iPhone Directly with Idea Management in SAP System

The first connection of a mobile app that connects idea management to an SAP software system worldwide:  trust&soft and target software solution presented the App: IDEAS for mobile idea management in Mannheim, Germany, on November 10, 2010. 

At the target software solution Idea Management Info Day in Mannheim, Germany, on November 10, 2010, attendees could experience up close the first idea management app live on an iPhone.



Bauerfeind AG Implements Web Dynpro Solution from target Idea Management in May 2010

Bauerfeind AG is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical supplies, including bandages, orthotics, compression stockings, and orthopedic inserts, contributing to the preservation and recovery of heath with its product and treatment concepts.

Bauerfeind has been using the Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A) solution from target Idea Management since May 2010. Standard roles were adapted to Bauerfeind’s requirements so that the process was optimized. With the WD4A solution, the graphical interfaces and layout were improved, which has been very well received by employees. Furthermore, the idea portal is well integrated in the company intranet.



Fraport Implements New target Web Dynpro for ABAP Solution

Fraport AG has been a customer of the idea management software from target since the third quarter of 2002. Up until now, they have used the Internet Transaction Server (ITS) option for their Web-based solution.

Starting January 1, 2010, Fraport became the first customer using the new software release built entirely with the programming model Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A). The following roles are supported: submitters, managers, reviewers, persons responsible, administrators, and patent protection.

The upgrade to the WD4A solution has been positively welcomed at Fraport. The greatest improvements have been in the modern, user-friendly Web interface with enhanced options.



„Smart Ideas help SAP run better every day“ powered by target Idea Management

Idea management at SAP is set up as a service organization that offers the right contacts, processes, systems, and services so that good ideas from employees can be successfully implemented. A global idea management program with regional focus and a modern future-oriented Web infrastructure promotes success even in financially difficult times. SAP implemented “target Idea Management,” the idea management software from target software solution, in 2001.

Ozzy Genis is quick to point out that “smart ideas help SAP run better every day,” repeating a motto that hangs on many walls of SAP locations – from China to Brazil.

“SAP Idea Management is technically and structurally similar to offerings from other leading providers. However, the ability to set up idea management as a service organization with Web 2.0 capabilities in the future is something unique and cutting edge in Germany.”
Christiane Kersting, Head of Idea and Innovation Management, dib (Deutsches Institut für Betriebswirtschaft)



New Version of target Idea Management Available in Latest SAP Technology

A new version of the SAP add-on solution from target software solution GmbH based on the latest SAP ERP 6.0 software has been available on the market in November 2009.

The integrated implementation of the programming model Web Dynpro für ABAP (WD4A) represents the greatest enhancement in this version of the idea management software. WD4A is the preferred SAP technology for user interfaces (UIs). WD4A offers many elements that simplify use and make the interface more attractive. For example, in tables, you now have the options to sort in one click on a column, to export to Microsoft Excel, to print as a PDF document, or to configure the tables in any way you want. The road-map element makes sense for use in submitting ideas or completing reviews so that users can visually follow the steps required in these processes. Additional tips are displayed for info when users require more details. Idea managers can incorporate images, statistics, an idea ticker, and latest messages when creating their own idea management home pages. The user role-dependent menu can be positioned on the left or on top of the screen in a navigation tree format.


Successful Integration of SAP Software Add-On target Idea Management with Premium Shop from IPO-PS

As of July 31, 2009, employees from K+S can search for premium awards for realized ideas with just one click in their enterprise portal. This technical realization is made possible through a collaboration with target software solution GmbH as the provider of idea management software, and IPO PrämienServices GmbH, a full-service premium award provider responsible for all related premium activities – from purchasing of items to shipping of premiums.


target Idea Management

Handling ideas submitted by more than 700,000 employees

Global presence