Idea management software for local applications

Optimize your idea management to increase employee participation and achieve greater benefits.

Smart idea management with target Idea Management

Successful, comprehensive and flexible: With target Idea Management On-Premise, you can manage your idea management easily and efficiently. More than 100 organizations worldwide trust our idea management tools and appreciate their intuitive application. We harness our 20 years of experience to develop our software, which we always combine with the latest SAP technology and a modern user interface (SAP Fiori). And that’s not all target Idea Management can do: The Idea Management tool combines perfectly with target Campaign Management - our solution for your campaign-based innovation management.


Software for employee suggestion programs, software for continuous improvement processes (CIP)

SAP NetWeaver, ABAP, SAPUI5, Fiori

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The software solution for your employee suggestion program and continuous improvement process (CIP)

Even better together: Every company’s trump card is its employees and their ideas. Use target Idea Management software to unleash your employees’ creativity and encourage them to participate in the employee suggestion program and continuous improvement process.

target Idea Management supports every aspect of your employee suggestion program process: All roles and models (central, supervisor or team models) can be represented. The entire CIP organization structure can be mapped with the relevant teams, meetings, workshops and measures.

Your entire CIP organization structure can also be mapped easily and clearly with target Idea Management - from team building to workshops to specific implementation measures.

Icon Motivation for employees

Motivation for employees

User friendly, transparent, mobile - Not only is target Idea Management easy to use and intuitive, your employees can use it anywhere, at any time. This promotes creativity and increases motivation.

Icon Test ideas

Test ideas

Good idea? Bad idea? Thanks to its versatile and customizable forms, our idea management software helps reviewers and experts test ideas. Benefit analyses can be displayed in detail. 

Icon More time for what’s important

More time for what’s important

Focus on the important tasks thanks to extensive automation: Tasks such as checking deadlines and reminders or integrating HR and organizational data are carried out automatically. This means you have more time for what’s important.

Icon High levels of flexibility

High levels of flexibility

Thanks to our idea groups, you can implement any number of idea management processes with just one installation of the software. 

Icon International


target Idea Management is international: The software can handle all date and currency formats as well as all international character sets (Unicode). The following languages ​​are available: German, Chinese, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish. You can also add other languages ​using our translation tool. 

Icon Rewards and the Rewards Shop

Rewards and the Rewards Shop

Good ideas deserve recognition: target Idea Management supports all types of evaluation systems - rewards can be transferred directly to SAP payroll accounting. The software includes a points account for submitted ideas and supports the integration of a Rewards Shop. 

Icon Transparent implementation

Transparent implementation

Who does what and when? Simple worklists make the individual implementation steps transparent and comprehensible. 

Icon Fast implementation

Fast implementation

The best-practice configuration means the system can be operated straight away and serves as the basis for your own, customized set-up. 

Icon Comprehensive reporting

Comprehensive reporting

target Idea Management offers a very powerful reporting solution. More than 50 key figures have already been preconfigured. Information can be presented as SAP organizational charts (drill down).Numerous graphical representations are also available in addition to Excel downloads. 

Icon Many combination options

Many combination options

With target Idea Management, you can easily combine ideas and results from the employee suggestion program with your continuous improvement process (CIP). It is also possible to combine idea and campaign management.

Your advantages

Manage employee suggestion program and CIP efficiently

Better ideas, faster processing, focus on the important task

Efficient idea management - anytime, anywhere: All employees can use target Idea Management on their smartphones and submit ideas on the go. Everything at a glance: The entire workflow is displayed on a clear user interface. More time for what’s important: Routine tasks such as checking reminders are carried out automatically. 

Employee suggestion programs and CIP are suitable for medium-sized companies as well as for corporations

Suitable for medium-sized companies as well as for corporations

target Idea Management Software is designed to meet the requirements of both large and medium-sized companies. The preconfigured standard solution means implementation is both simple and fast. Once the standard package is up and running, companies are free to tailor the solution to their own needs. An implementation guide provides information about all the settings, so that the solution can be set up in a structured manner.  

Software for Employee suggestion program and continuous improvement process (CIP) tailored to your IT-strategy

Tailored to your IT strategy

target Idea Management is the only software in the world that can map idea management using SAP data and technology directly. HCM data and the organization model from the SAP system are simply shared, without the need for interfaces and data redundancy. As such, the solution is familiar territory for SAP customers.


In our screenshot gallery, you can get a general impression
of the look & feel of the application.

The Fiori Launchpad contains all SAP Fiori applications that your employees can access.


The target idea management is integrated seamlessly with its own tile catalog.

The freely customizable idea management landing page is the central entry point for your users.


Here, all users have an overview of their open tasks, can see relevant news and jump to idea searches, key figures and other activities depending on user and role.

The central functionality of idea management is, of course, idea submission.


A user-friendly application makes it as easy as possible for your users to fill in the required information.


The integrated similarity search helps to avoid unnecessary duplicates.

Finding ideas is also as user-friendly as possible.


It is possible to find results via a simple text search across all indexed texts.


The predefined searches show each employee the data that is relevant in their current role.

Idea Search also offers a lot to your idea managers and experts.


With over 60 possible filters (some customer-defined) and sorting and export options, users can perform very specific queries and then edit the results list further.

In the idea detail display, the user is guided in the best possible way.


The most important information is always visible in the header area. With a graphical idea status, the user can see at a glance how far the idea has progressed.


With freely definable editing notes, you can include an explanatory text for the respective status of the idea.


Only the functions that the user is currently allowed to execute are visible. The visible functions are distributed to the correct toolbars according to the SAP Fiori Guidelines.

Key figures are an important control and information element in idea management.


Here, too, we offer an application that is suitable for all users. Everyone can get an overview of the relevant key figures of your company.


At the same time, a power user can drill down through the organizational units and use various export options to get only the information that is of interest to them.

With the new news maintenance application, authorized persons can create and edit news for all users at any time.

With a deputy application, cross-idea accounts, and further Fiori apps, all other functionalities of a modern idea management are also made available to your users.


Here we show the deputies as an example.

Find out more by watching our demo video

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