Exceptionally user-friendly thanks to SAP Fiori

The user-friendliness of a business application has a huge impact on whether the process associated with the application is used and implemented at the company successfully. This especially applies to programs for idea and innovation management, which hinge on the motivation and participation of employees. Easy-to-use applications increase employee satisfaction and boost productivity. As such, it goes without saying that we at target continuously and intensively work on improving the design and user interface of our products.

Today, business applications are expected to have a similar user experience to consumer apps. SAP responded to this challenge with the introduction of SAP Fiori. SAP Fiori is a design concept that has asserted its position as the standard and is now the leading user interface for business applications. And for good reason. Apps based on Fiori are:

  • Role based - users only see what is relevant for them

  • Responsive - users can use the apps on desktops, tablets and mobile devices (they adapt to the respective screen size)

  • Simple - the apps are clear and uncluttered, users can use them intuitively

  • Coherent - the user experience is similar across all apps

  • Appealing - users enjoy using them, which in turn increases motivation and boosts productivity

We at target identified the paradigm shift at a very early stage - in 2014, just one year after the release of SAP Fiori -, and expanded our software accordingly. Today, all of our solutions can be used with apps based on SAP Fiori. This is the starting point for all projects with new customers. And great news for our existing customers - we have succeeded in making the migration process to SAP Fiori a hassle-free experience. The specifications for the user interface (roles, tasks, workflow, views, forms) are based on the same meta level as before. This configuration is now interpreted by the Fiori apps. Customization at programming language level, however, will require adjustments to be made. Here, our consultants can apply their specialist knowledge and adapt the current modules from ABAP to JavaScript. Although we make it very easy for our customers to migrate to SAP Fiori, such projects must be carefully planned in collaboration with a consultant in order to realize their full potential. What simplifications can be made? What possibilities are there now that the apps can also be used on mobile devices? What will the tiles look like? How can the design be adapted to match the company’s intranet? Having good answers to these questions has a huge impact on the success of idea and innovation management.

The Fiori Launchpad is the gateway to the world of apps. It provides role-based access. Users only see the apps that correspond to their role. There are also many personalization options available, for example, users can add their favorites to their home page. To guarantee a clear overview at all times, the apps are grouped according to topics. This also applies to target apps. For example, you can create a group called "Ideas and Innovations". This way, target solutions are integrated in the Fiori Launchpad and thus also in the employees’ daily working environment. As a result, idea and innovation management receives much more attention than it would using an isolated solution.

The SAP theme designer is also an important tool; companies can use it to change the appearance of the Launchpad and apps to match their corporate identity. This is yet another example of the benefits of developing target products based on SAP technology. The company's UI theme is immediately applied to the target apps as well, so that idea and innovation management is available in the same corporate design as the other apps.

Of course, SAP is constantly developing and optimizing Fiori, which also benefits target customers. At the end of 2016, the launch of SAP Fiori 2.0 introduced numerous new features that are also used in the target apps. The Overview page is one such feature that deserves a mention here. With your help, we develop solutions for the needs that arise from the very dynamic roles in idea management. Users thus gain insights into their tasks and roles in idea management and receive additional information, for example, on key figures or members of their CIP team. Users can access this important information via the corresponding tiles. This way, the application remains clear and uncluttered.

And it goes without saying that Fiori will continue to improve! Even without insider knowledge, we can assume that Fiori 3.0 is waiting in the wings and will offer many new opportunities for us at target and our customers.

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