Idea Management at Siemens AG

An Invitation to Innovation


At a Glance


  • Name: Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
  • Employees: Siemens AG in Germany approximately 115,000

What They Needed

  • Idea management as a valuable contributor to corporate thinking
  • An idea management to increase the contribution to economic value
  • Effective and user-friendly software for all 3i program participants

Why They Chose target Idea Management

  • target solution fits the divisions' IT strategy as it is directly embedded in the SAP system without interfaces and not a silo solution
  • User-friendly solution provides a high degree of functionality
  • Scalable and reliable software meets the demands of significant transaction and data volume

“It is reassuring to know that we have an idea management software that addresses our needs and is completely reliable.”

Jörg Kopf
3i Business Manager
for DF and PD Divisions

The challenge

Idea management at Siemens AG is known by its program name 3i (which stands for ideas_impulses_initiatives). The DF and PD divisions using target software process 48,000 ideas at Siemens AG per year. The online target database contains approximately 1.3 million ideas. The software maps all of the required process steps in a user-friendly way so that 27,000 people have at their fingertips a state-of-the-art idea management system with the necessary dependability and performance.

The Solution

After a World Trade Organization (WTO) call for proposals, the implementation contract was awarded to target software solution at the end of March 2014. After in-depth analysis of customer requirements, technical implementation and operation began in November 2014. It was introduced internally at DDPS in February 2015. The new solution is available to DDPS employees in the existing portal in its familiar design. It is both easy to use and tailored to the needs of the role owners; the switch to the new platform was effortless. The new solution has been positively received by employees in various functions and roles.

DDPS found collaboration with target, especially the uncomplicated support, a deciding factor in the implementation of the project in a relative short period of time. Philippe Matter, Innovation Manager (Executive MBA) at DDPS, summarized the project as follows: “In an increasingly complex world of IT landscape of a company, it is essential that new processes and systems be embedded into an existing IT infrastructure. It is also indispensable for large enterprises to offer a simple, efficient, and flexible instrument today to all of its employees for corporate idea management and continuous improvement processes, so that they can actively participate in the overall development and improvement of a company. target Idea Management offered both.”   

As early as fiscal year 2002/2003, the Siemens Automation and Drives (A&D) division was using role-based target Idea Management software over the intranet at all of its German locations. Siemens divisions DF and PD have been using a completely redesigned version of target Idea Management since fiscal year 2014/2015. The new system offers users an attractive and user-friendly interface for entering information as well as the ability to follow a 3i idea through all of the roles involved in the 3i process. The new version is based on the SAP technology Web Dynpro for ABAP (WD4A). Users have been positively pleased with the new system, particularly the way the information is displayed and the clear and intuitive navigation through the entry screens. Users can see their open tasks on the initial screen and can jump directly to idea processing to complete the task with just one click.

Stability and performance are the hallmarks of the solution. The average response times for all roles are less than one second per transaction.

Thanks to the direct connection to the SAP HCM system through target software, the idea management system can handle organizational and personnel changes quickly. target software is uniquely embedded in the SAP software as an add-on and therefore does not require an interface; it works directly with SAP data without any unnecessary interfaces or data redundancy.  



Read the complete case study (PDF).


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