Fraport AG

Modern user interface and mobile access for all employees


At a Glance


  • Name: Fraport AG
  • Location and industry: Frankfurt am Main, airport business
  • Sales: €2.93 billion (2017)
  • Employees: 21,000

What They Needed

  • Access to the Idea Management tool for all employees within the Fraport Group
  • Intuitive and easy to use, web-enabled
  • Mobile use on all end terminals
  • Can be extended by adding an integrated tool for Innovation Management

Why They Chose target Idea Management

  • Modern user interface is available; consistent with the IT strategy
  • Solution can be adapted flexibly to specific customer requirements
  • Ongoing further development
  • Experienced software partner focused on the future

“We have been using the target Idea Management tool at Fraport for over ten years. Our ideas process is mapped based on our particular needs and is easy to use for everyone involved. target has always embraced new technological developments and the tool is now available to a much wider group of people with different roles, even for mobile use with smartphones.”

Kerstin Bitterer
Head of Idea and
Innovation Management

The challenge

Fraport is a large group in which most employees work in different shift models. System access is not available at all workstations and not all employees have an SAP user.

Kerstin Bitterer (Head of Idea and Innovation Management) sums up the challenges: “It is important to us that all employees in the group can contribute to Idea Management easily and actively with their suggestions. A web-enabled application which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and from any device is the ideal solution for us. The use of mobile terminals assures us a contemporary solution with which all employees are already familiar in their everyday lives. We therefore hope that this will go a long way towards overcoming people’s inhibitions to submit ideas. Furthermore, it should also give reviewers greater flexibility in their approach to idea processing, since they are mostly subject-matter experts who only spend only a small portion of their working time at a fixed workstation in the office.”

The solution

Fraport AG has been using the target Idea Management “on-premise” solution for many years. The use of the solution has been continually extended and adapted to new technical possibilities. Many benefits have been gained from operating the solution directly on the SAP platform, for instance, in data integration. In the past, one disadvantage was that not all employees in the Fraport Group were able to log on to the platform online. Employees in the affiliated companies were left out. This situation has now been resolved through the additional use of the Idea Management “cloud” solution. In the case of Fraport, “cloud” means the in-house version, in other words, the software is provided within the Fraport data center. The cloud solution acts as additional software which enables all employees to take part in Idea Management irrespective of whether they have SAP access.

All Fraport employees (including those in the affiliated companies) now have convenient system access with the same look and feel and the same options, which also takes into account the employee’s respective role (submitter, reviewer, etc.).

The user interface is based on Open UI5, an open source library provided by SAP for the user interface. The design principles follow SAP Fiori, which ensures consistent user guidance in different software applications at Fraport.

All employees now have standardized access to Idea Management via a simple and intuitive interface. The solution is no longer limited merely to desktop usage, but can now also be used on mobile devices. Employees can even access the mobile version outside the Fraport network, for example, when working at home or when away on business.



Read the complete case study (PDF).


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