Is your idea management as good as your ideas?

At a Glance

Employee Suggestion Program (ESP) and
Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

The software supports all aspects and related processes in the employee suggestion program (centralized, manager/team model) and organizes the entire continuous improvement process (CIP), with teams, meetings, workshops, and related measures.

target Idea Management enables collaborative work on a topic before submission, as well as an option for rating of registered ideas by all or selected employee groups. Teams can work together on ideas during the selection and decision-making process. Committee sessions can be held or prepared virtually.

Idea Review
The software supports reviewers and experts with forms customized to your needs. Calculations of use can be displayed in detail.

Idea Realization
Simple work lists (who, what, until when?) make the individual steps to idea realization visible and transparent to all.  

Premiums and Award Shop
Premiums can be transferred as wage types directly into SAP payroll accounting. target Idea Management includes a general points account and the integration of a premium shop.       

With our concept of the idea group, our customers can implement any number of different processes with only one installation of the software. In this way, you can set up idea groups in one system in parallel that represent the different company agreements valid in different countries. The ideas are still contained in one database and are still available for search and reuse for all idea groups.

Global Support
target Idea Management expertly handles all types of date and currency formats, as well as all international character sets (Unicode). The following languages are available: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Contact us for additional languages.

The software provides efficient reporting options using ABAP Query, an integrated graphical key figure system, and optional integration to SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse.

Important key figures are preconfigured. Departmental comparisons with target/actual quotas are available and graphically represented in the idea management system for everyone to see. Key figures can be determined based on organizational structure and displayed in tree form.  

target has implemented key figure definitions as determined by the Zentrum Ideenmanagement in Germany.

Fast Implementation 
Configuration based on best practices helps users get started with the system immediately and provides a template for further customer specification.
SAP NetWeaver is the technology platform for our solution. We use the programming language ABAP exclusively. The user interfaces are based on Web Dynpro for ABAP. Installation, configuration, productive operation, and upgrades – in other words, the entire software lifecycle – is known territory for SAP customers.


target Idea Management

Handling ideas submitted by more than 700,000 employees

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